This sections will focus on Research, Editorials, Articles & Data (READ)s related to the various issues connected to why there needs to be more minorities in medical research as both participants and as practitioners.  Both macro areas (participants and practitioners) have long histories, but they had new light shone on them because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  For many the reluctance of Black and Latino/Hispanic Americans to take the vaccines were not a surprise.  Below are some reprints from articles that can shed some light from that perspective.

Chicago Tribune:  “Don’t blame African Americans for fearing the COVID-19 vaccine. Blame America.”

CNN:  “Some Black and Latino Americans are still hesitant to take the vaccine. Here’s what is fueling that distrust.”

Finally, as M3R continues to evolve, the Foxglove Alliance will be populating a section of related data and research papers for students and health practitioners to review and reference for a more academic purview of the issues related to this campaign.  Although it is currently under construction, you will be able to access it by clicking the image below to go to M3R&D.