IOMC 3rd Quarter 2019 Newsletter

Letter from Our  IOMC Board of Governors Chair
Mark Grach, MBA

Dear colleagues,
As we begin the holiday season, the Institute of Medicine is moving forward will all deliberate speed to recreate itself as every aspect of the health care field is in constant flux.  We know that our fellows and members are constantly caught up in the redefinitions of health care services delivery.  Many of our newest Fellows become active, realizing change is now a constant, and sees IOMC as a change agent, along with

its role as a leader of both thought and action.  We are who we make ourselves, so I invite all IOMC membership to become as active as possible. We have recently revamped our by-laws to more accurately reflect evolving health care professionals. When IOMC was founded, the major emphasis was to ensure a forum for the leading academic organizations of that period.  As times changed, so did IOMC.  Our programs and projects have strongly reflected the research, teaching, and public health needs of the communities surrounding IOMC. 

As the managed care industry grew, their medical leadership joined us. Today, IOMC has built a partnership with Midwest Business Group on Health. We are moving forward on completing a feasibility study regarding a Wellbeing Trust to consider unique ways in which we can work with the Chicago Metropolitan area to improve equity for all.  While we maintain our strong academic relationships, we continually seek to expand our partnerships with organizations providing social services, mental health services, and judicial services, as health care has evolved outside itself into many other fields. IOMC forums, meetings, and new initiatives assist our membership, as well as other participating organizations in defining dealing with current events.
We are becoming who our membership wants us to be, so please join us in charting the future that affects all of us and our professions.  Please support us in the ways that are meaningful to each of you.

Mark Grach, MBA
President, Board of Governors

Updates and Activities
State of Health of Chicago
Mental Health/Gun Violence Prevention/Social Determinants on Health Workgroups Activity
  • Article Published –IOMC and Midwest Business Group on Health (MBGH) co-authored, “Turning the Tide on Mental Health” and continue to consider how to improve the mental health of employees.
  • Continued participation in Strengthening Chicago Youth (SCY) Quarterly Meeting: Violence Prevention and the New Administrations.
Portes Foundation- and IOMC— Grant Reviewers Needed ASAP by Wednesday, Nov 27th
          Contact- Cheryl Irmiter, PhD  312.709.2685

IOMC has a YouTube Channel: Go to Institute of Medicine of Chicago YouTube to consider what is on the mind of national and local leaders!