Hektoen International reaches milestone


Chicago, IL
January 7, 2022

Hektoen International (Hekint.org), an on-line medical humanities journal, is starting 2022 by celebrating an important milestone – the publishing of its 3,000th article.  Hektoen International is the product of what happens when a nephrologist who is a former British Journal of Medicine columnist (Dr. George Dunea, MD), collaborates with an esteemed art curator (Dr. Sally Metzler, PhD), and why Hektoen International’s tagline is “Uniting Medicine with Culture.”  Drs. Dunea and Metzler co-founded Hektoen International in 2008 and it now has more than 60,000 subscribers and consistently has more than 1 million page views a year from followers throughout the world.  

Dr. Dunea, who serves as the Editor – In – Chief of Hektoen International and is also the CEO of its parent, the Hektoen Institute of Medicine said, “It was almost shocking when the journal staff alerted us to this upcoming milestone this summer.  For some reason, we never thought of our labor of love reaching this level of growth, popularity and longevity.”  Dr. Metzler, who serves as Hektoen International’s Deputy Editor and is a member of the publications editorial board said, “We are extremely proud that our 3,000th published article has a foreign flavor to it.  We know our roots are in Chicago, but we consider the medical humanities to be a global subject of study and appreciation.”

The 3,000th Hektoen International article is entitled Return to Lebanon.  The author, Elie Najjar, studied orthopedic surgery in Lebanon and practices spinal surgery at the Queen’s Medical Center Spine Surgery Unit of the Nottingham University Hospitals in England.  Najjar has published several poems and articles and won the Jane Austen Writing Competition.  Upon learning that his article was selected, Najjar said, “Hektoen has given me a voice to call back my humanitarian side as a doctor into the surface. Like Scheherazade, I need to tell my stories to survive and remind myself of the true purpose behind my being.”

About the Hektoen Institute of Medicine

Located in Chicago’s Illinois Medical District, the Hektoen Institute of Medicine was founded in 1943 as a venue for funding and conducting medical research and education, resulting in the publication of more than 2,700 scientific papers. Today, it manages a significant portfolio of medical research and public health care delivery grants and is active in and supports a variety of medical, educational and community programs.


For more information, contact Levi Moore at Levi.Moore@Hektoen.org.